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quinta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2011

MÚSICAS NOVAS : "Make Me Love Him(Feat. KM Tha Original) e It Feels Like"

[Verso 1]
Its a dangerous game, I dont wanna play
L to the O, O to the V hey baby
What have you done to me
Cause I know I cannot stop
Thinkin bout us, up in my room, in a crowded bus
No way, and you wont let me escape
And I cant help but notice
The way that you kiss me
Butterflies in my heart.
I find myself open
Its you that Im missin
Tryin my best not to start.
I didnt wanna fall but
He’s gonna make me empty my phone
Text my friends and stay out at home
Off like a record and say that Im gone, say that Im gone
He’s gonna make me live my life singin love songs
Check my screen to see if he calls.
Share my world and give him my heart.
He’s gonna make me love him
[Verso 2]
I’ve been fightin myself, forcin myself
Tryna put my mind on somebody else but baby
You and your pretty boy swaggin
Got me followin you on twitter
Home run hitta
You see a dime and you’ll be with her
Im never gonna get away.

 Música Make Me Love Him

 Agora vamos mostrar um vídeo da música It Feels Like,quem quiser ver é só clicar no link:

It Feels Like

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