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quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2011

Foram divulgadas letras e músicas novas da Keke!


I try not to complain. Because Im very grateful and appreciative. When I do, people sometimes give me sympathy. Which I don’t like, or think I’m ungrateful. I don’t wanna miss my time, so I’m a bit of a workaholic. But when I do ask for a break, it’s impossible for me to get the one I want and need. When you’re famous, you’re always working. When you step out of the house people want you’re autograph. Your job is to make them have the best experience despite what you have going on. No privacy at all. You’re a product and everyone wants something from you. Some people think they own you because they buy your stuff and they support you. It can be really frustrating. No time to yourself. Sometimes I just wanna jump out the window and stop time.
I just wanna let you in. Inside my thoughts and what I’m feelings.
If life’s a book, then my hearts a pen.
Im giving you a chance to read into me.
Welcome to my diary.
I try my best not to show it even though sometimes I can get unhappy. I’m a kid and no matter what you think, Im mature to some extent. Because Im in a primarily adult world. People forget my age sometimes. They hold me to such a high standard. Which isn’t bad, but I deserve as much slack as the next guy.
As the good days turn into bad
I pour my soul into my notepad.
These precious memories I want to last.
My own time capsule into the past.
Look back and laugh at who I was.
Words cast images clear like cameras.
The day is done, I pull out my pen.
And I begin the story without an end.
You give up so much of yourself and your life to this business. The one time you complain or anything you’re wrong or you aren’t ready. I have to act all the time. Even when Im sad. I have to put on a smile and have no time to recover from my own personal struggles. You push your self needs back constantly. Not to mention my friends who I care dearly about. I wanna be there for them too. And it’s just so much. I can say more but you get it.


You know you can’t hold on to a shadow.
After the suns gone down.
And you can’t touch what’s invisible.
That’s what I am to you now.
So tell me how does it feel.
My love for you wasn’t just an illusion.
I wish that you could say the same.
You had me filled with so much confusion.
I was afraid to let us fade.
WiTH YOU, but I’m better on my own.
How do I love what isn’t there?
What we had slipped into thin air.
MY EYES wish for you to be standing here.
But God knows its best you disappear.
I can’t help but reaching out my hands.
Reaching out for a hologram.
(I’m already gone, I’m already gone)
You’re reaching out for a hologram.
(I’m already gone, I’m already gone)
You couldn’t love me in 3 dimensions even if you tried.
You should’ve paid just a little more attention.
You let our love slip out your sight.
In vision YOU and now its shatteres.
No more time for walking backwards.
Its time to let it be. I’m gonna keep on moving forward.
I found my way through the maze.
There’s someone better out there for me.
Everything looks so much clearer
Once the clouds have gone away
And my loves flowing like a river.
Have they all been washed away?
With you, I was drowning but now I
I can breathe again. again.
To you I’m no longer here.
I’m just a hologram.
You can’t touch me.
I’m just a hologram.



Me for you. You for me
Boy I claim it, Let it be
When you need it, Boy I got it
Love is right here, In my pocket
From the bottom, To the tippy
I will go all in as long as you with me
Paint another when the color fades
To paint you red, when its all grey.

Turn it up, if you’re feelin me
If youre in love and it feel like a dream
Turn it up, if you’re feelin me
Let your heart beat away with the keys

Through the fire Through the rain
When you’re so close When you’re far away
Imma shield you from the pain
I can show you better days
When you feel like its over
Imma hold ya, make you stronger
There’s no me. Without you
Boy I swear we’re living proof like fire and smoke.

Fill you up, when you’re half full.
When you’re in love there’s no such thing as empty.
Swim in my love, like a pool.
I’ll be there to help you float.
Not even an earthquake can shake us,
We aint made of glass, they cant break us.
Better kiss good, it feels greater
Lovin you is what I was made for


Cant nobody love you better.
Better never let another.
Better never let another love you better.
We together forever. forever. forever.


Gente eu estou muito feliz pelas músicas,elas são estremamente viciantes,muito maneiras!

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